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Martha Fierro's Platform

Martha believes in Accountability, Respect, Hard Work, and Commitment. Martha Fierro believes these are the main components that make up the key in succeeding the American Dream.

Martha Fierro does not believe the American Dream is reliant on only one person's strength. She believes that through God and our community, anyone can receive enough strength. Enough strength to stand, walk and run forward onto the American Dream path.

Martha Fierro believe our Government should not limit our capacity to achieve our dreams. A larger Government will only hurt small business owners in the community with their proposed ideas for more taxes. Martha encourages the members of our community to unite and grow. Martha's dream for Texas Senate District 6 is to see our generation leave a strong Legacy of action and hope.

As an immigrant from Mexico, Martha and her family came into this country to work hard to achieve the American Dream. Martha is not afraid to work hard alongside our community to help our people achieve their American Dream in Texas Senate District 6 and in Texas, the state we all call our home.

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