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Martha Fierro's Issues

Martha Fierro: Advocating for Family Conservative Values

Martha Fierro believes in the core values of accountability, respect & commitment. Martha Fierro believes that our families in Texas can become stronger by living by these principles. Martha is a mother of four strong and bold children. She has been joyfully married for over 26 years. Martha Fierro is devoted to defending Texan families & making sure they stay tough!

Martha Fierro: Contending for Pro-Life Values

Martha Fierro believes human life is a precious gift. She believes it begins at conception and ends at natural death. Martha Fierro see's that in today's culture, life is viewed as disposable.

Many abortion leaders can easily say that life is not worth it when a person goes through hardships yet Martha Fierro disagrees. Despite every hardship she has faced, Martha will encourage you by reminding you that your life is worth living.

Martha Fierro wants women to be fully informed about the actual effects after an abortion. She does not want to see another woman tricked or misled into an abortion. Martha Fierro intends to defend the voice of the voiceless and vulnerable. Martha Fierro will defend the voice of the unborn and elderly. 

Martha Fierro: Fighting for Religious Freedom

Martha Fierro believes that a church should not be forced to close its doors on its people. She also believes that Members of the community should not be harassed or intimidated by the public or any politician for practicing their beliefs. Martha Fierro attends her church every week & takes part in the weekly worship & bible studies. Martha Fierro does not intend to be ashamed of her faith in Jesus Christ, and she will defend your 1st amendment rights in our state government!

Martha Fierro: Takes up the Gauntlet against Human Trafficking 

​Texas has been leading the pathway for other states in America in establishing a core defense against Human Trafficking. Martha Fierro does not want to see our police de-funded when she knows they are the backbone in defending our families and youth against many unseen dangers in our communities and state!

Martha Fierro understands and knows first hand the dangers and pain associated with Human Trafficking in a community & family. Martha is involved in training youth on safety by providing them resources through training courses & online programs created by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children & Houston Crime Stoppers & A 2nd Cup. 

Martha Fierro will fight to support our Texan & National organizations, and she will defend our dedicated Texan law enforcement with the same passion they continue to fight against human labor trafficking and child sex trafficking daily!​

Martha Fierro: Speaks up for Veteran & Current Military Families

There is definitely more that can be done to aid families of current military members and Veterans! Martha respects every service member's decision to protect our nation. 

Martha Fierro believes that no service member & veteran should be harassed or targeted for their service. Martha also believes that we should create legislation that will provide further aide for our Veterans & current Military. The events of our countries history overseas and on our nation's soil are a daily burden these women and men carry. We can empower them through our support and through our ability to advocate for legislation in the state of Texas!

Martha Fierro: Stands for the Right to Bear Arms

Martha Fierro believes the 2nd Amendment empowers women, men & families with the opportunity to protect themselves from harm at all times they decide to legally carry. There have been many brave amazing individuals who have stopped mass shootings from occurring in stores, schools, churches in the great state of Texas. 

The right to bear arms is a constitutional right that gives citizens the ability to arm themselves against dangers they may come across daily in their life. 

Martha Fierro intends to fight to defend your 2nd amendment right in our State Government!

Martha Fierro: Supports Lower Property Taxes

By lowering our Property taxes, we will definitely see many positives in our community. We will see people finally attain the ability & time to invest in their  American Dream. Martha Fierro wants to see our people empowered, the American Dream is never made possible alone. Together, alongside strong leaders, we can see many American Dreams blossom in Texas House District 145!

Martha Fierro will fight for you in Austin, she will work on lowering property taxes, ensuring no Texan is priced out of their home because of taxes or preventing a Texan from ever truly owning their home.

Martha Fierro: Encourages Businesses

Small Businesses provide amazing diversity within a community and special opportunities for progress. Through their creation, the impact on the community is amazing. New businesses in the district provide more job opportunities for families in the community and opportunities for growth!

We will see more possibilities for our youth and our community to reach success. Martha Fierro will fight for legislation that will aide small businesses as they begin to venture on the pathway to their American Dream!

Martha Fierro: Promotes Parents & Guardians Rights
for School Choice

As a parent of 4 children, Martha Fierro understands her role in their life will impact their future decisions, and actions. Martha made the decision to ensure that her children will succeed by deciding their education options and after school programs.

A parent & guardian role is to provide encouragement, support, and access to opportunities to help their child to succeed! A parent is their child's first teacher and they should be reserved the right to choose what school will offer their child the highest rate of success. Martha Fierro chose to enroll her children in both charter schools and public schools, she believes our rights as a parent must be respected by our state government. Martha will fight for your right to chose your child's education!​

Martha Fierro: Champions for the America Dream

Accountability, Respect, Hard Work, and Commitment are the components of the key to succeeding the American Dream.

Martha Fierro does not believe the American Dream is possible through only one person's strength. Martha believes that through God and our community, anyone can receive enough strength to stand, walk and run forward onto the path. 

Our government should not limit our capacity to achieve our dreams with heavier taxes that only hurt small business owners in the community. 

As an immigrant from Mexico, Martha and her family came into this country to achieve the American Dream. Martha Fierro is not afraid to work hard alongside our community to help you achieve the American Dream. 

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